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Infection Fighter-No More Mastitis

LivingMom herbal blends for a less troublesome recovery. Please place your order at least one week before the delivery of your new baby whenever possible to allow for proper shipping arrangements.

Help your body fight off postpartum anomalies like Mastitis with the Living Mom herbal blend added to your placenta that is specially engineered to help new mothers fight infections
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   Specially formulated herb blend to help keep mama and baby's emotions as serene as possible

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Does your body typically struggle to fight infection? Do you find yourself sicker for longer especially after delivering a baby? Are you overwhelmed by the common colds or flus more regularly during your postpartum period? Is mastitis a common occurrence for you when breastfeeding your baby? Typically, woman's body needs time to balance after delivering a baby. Recovery can stimulate discomforts and potential sicknesses or ailments from the toll of caring for a newborn. Lack of sleep or lack of proper nutrients or care of yourself can aid this problem. If you struggle to combat disease during your postpartum time, then our Infection Fighter blend is for you. Our proprietary herbal blend helps to boost your immune system while offering anti viral and anti bacterial substances to help keep you and baby healthy and happy! Try our Infection Fighter formula for your postpartum health. Learn more at: LivingMom Birth

Each placenta is a deposit of all the best hormones and nutrients a mother's body can offer her baby, but it is also a gift that gives again when its unused hormones and nutrients are returned to the mother after her baby's birth. What could be more natural than giving your body back the hormones it created for your baby to support your own emotional health post partum? Your very own hormones will help protect you during the normal post delivery hormone drop and ensuing risk of baby blues.LivingMom augments your hormones with a proprietary blend of supportive herbs blended in conjunction with Dr.Christophers to keep you at your emotional best.

Product Details

LivingMom Placenta Pharmaceuticals are like no other. LivingMom leads the industry providing the only product that gives you nearly 100% of the nutrients of the living placenta at nearly twice the volume of other preparers. Simple dehydration techniques of the in-home providers simply can't match the LivingMom powerful healing and strengthening product; speeding your recovery and providing a richer more blissful experience for you and your new born.

Why Placenta Encapsulation?

During pregnancy, a woman's ovaries, pituitary and pineal glands turn over production of critical hormones--progesterone, estrogen, and others--to the placenta. When the baby is born and the placenta is delivered, the mother's body shifts hormone production back to their normal sources.

Within three days, her hormone levels drop precipitously. It can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks before these hormones are back to normal. Some women suffer severe post-partum depressions due to this hormonal disturbance.

By returning a woman's own hormones to her body through placental encapsulation, much of this hormone deficiency can be alleviated naturally, creating HUGE improvements in overall health and well being until her body starts producing the necessary hormones.

Furthermore, our proprietary blend of herbs supports and supplements the body's return to balance.

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